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Disabling/replacing paperclip in Spree Commerce

There is no simple mechanism to replace Paperclip. You should just be able to code your own solution, override any calls to paperclips methods to call your method pretty easily enough though. It just may be a bit time consuming, and possibly more time consuming than it would be for you to just deal with importing the images instead.

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Cannot install spree gem - ERROR: invalid gem: package is corrupt
Looks like you have the system Ruby installed. You need to first do: $ sudo apt-get install ruby-dev and then do: $ sudo gem install nokogiri I'd encourage you to use Ruby Version Manager like RVM or rbenv for managing Ruby environments instead of using the system Ruby on your development environment.

Categories : Ruby On Rails
image_tag not showing paperclip uploaded image
Looks like your issue is related to a recent commit which doesn't properly escape the timestamp. A temporary workaround is to disable the timestamp while a fix is worked-out. For individual calls @company.avatar.url(:thumb, timestamp:false) Or you can disable this globally but putting the following line within your config/initializers/paperclip.rb file. Paperclip::Attachment.default_options[:

Categories : Ruby On Rails
Can't upload zip files using ruby on rails and paperclip gem
ImageMagick can't read .zip files. See the acceptable file types here: If you're trying to generate a thumbnail from a zip file ImageMagick should fail every time. Try adding this to your model: before_post_process :skip_for_zip def skip_for_zip ! %w(application/zip application/x-zip).include?(asset_content_type) end Then your app won't try t

Categories : Ruby On Rails
How can I dynamically set preserve_files option from a Paperclip file?
It seems you can't dynamically set the :preserve_files option, but there's another way to do what you want. Paperclip deletes attachments by first setting up a queue of paths to delete, and then deleting them when you save the object. An object can have multiple paths to delete if there are multiple styles of the same object (e.g. different sizes of an image file). If you call #destroy or #clear

Categories : Ruby On Rails
Paperclip says content type is wrong when using an external URL as attachment
Hi I don't know whether you found a workaround yet. I have used the following code (amended for your example) to stop Paperclip (4.2.1) raising an exception when a webserver returns an incorrect content-type: def featured_image_from_url(url) self.featured_image = URI.parse(url) # deal with the case where the webserver # returns an incorrect content-type adapter = Paperclip.io_adapters.for

Categories : Ruby On Rails
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