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md5sum of apk changes after every build

The individual files should compile with the same CRC. An APK however is like a zip file containing all your files and those files are stored with a timestamp. The timestamp will be different for each compile and this is what changes your md5sum.

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Build successfully for iOS Device But Build Error for iOS Simulator
The static library is broken as it contains two separate object files containing the same symbols (functions). It must be rebuilt, or if you don't have the source you could unpack it, remove the offending file, and then re-pack it (untested): $ mv libdtdev.a libdtdev-old.a $ mkdir xxx $ cd xxx $ ar x ../libdtdev-old.a $ rm des-D9CE0CBEE0B3BA81.o $ ar cr ../libdtdev.a *.o $ cd .. $ rm -rf xxx H

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Passing files to automaticaly trigered build from another build
I assume that the files are present in master's workspace. Then one (messy) way will be to make second job a parametrized job and pass the master job workspace to it as a parameter. Then in the second job use the master workspace location in a windows batch file to copy stuff from there to the place where you want. Run the batch file as the first build step for the second job. Then business as usu

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appcombat_v7 won't build, so I can't build my project
Found 2 versions of android-support-v4.jar in the dependency list You need to use the same android-support-v4.jar library in your project and all of its dependencies. try copying it from your project's lib folder and pasting it to the libraries you're using.

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Android Studio 1.0 RC 1 Gradle build issues - Could not run build action using Gradle installation
I've solved this problem - re-installed some of the environment and now it's working fine with jdk 8. The main change that I did - I've installed everything(JDK 8, android studio, Android sdk) to the default folders. Try this if you are facing the same issue

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AngularDart build with Docker
Update Should be fixed in code_transformers 0.2.3+2 (see Old I don't know yet why this is necessary on some systems and not on others but this should fix it. transformers: - angular: sdkDirectory: "/usr/lib/dart" See also for an alternative approach using symlinks.

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