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Storing Push Notification messages Locally ,in Phonegap Android App

There are two cases (I will consider the app in background / closed case), forground case would be pretty straight (You can use sqlitePlugin in this case):

  1. You receive only one notification - then you will be able to click that notification and store payload details using SqllitePlugin once your app will launch and callback is called.

  2. You receive multiple notifications - In this case you will only get details of the notification you clicked from notification bar in the callback function. You will struggle to get other notification payload. In this particular case it would be good to hack into PushPlugin and store Notifications locally.

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How to suppress notification on lock screen in Android 5 (Lollipop) but let it in notification area?
You could set the notification's priority to PRIORITY_MIN. This should hide the notification on the lock screen. It also hides the icon from the statusbar (not sure if you want that), but the notification itself is still visible in the notification area.

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Android + Phonegap + Parse Push keeps crashing
Proper answer this time... I basically started from scratch following the latest parse tutorial and making sure the initialize parse in the MainApplication and not in your javascript. This is the gist: Create a with a skeleton like this: package com.{your_company}.{your_app}; import; import android.content.Context; import

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Android + Phonegap Build + Google Analytics working example
It's working fine for me. I use the GAPlugin in 3 different apps and it works fine. If you set it up exactly the way it says to do it in the GAPlugin docs it should work. I use an initialisation script that runs in $(document).ready: function analyticsInit() { document.addEventListener("deviceready", onDeviceReady, true); console.log('initializeGAplugin'); } function onDeviceRead

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phonegap build android: ANDROID_HOME is set to a non-existent path
Had struggle with this for a lot of time and finally the following post by I.cotonea helped: Refer: cordova platform add android not working while listing Android targets

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Phonegap - Ignore font-size display setting on Android
I've found a solution using this cordova plugin: You have to follow installation instructions for the plugin, and then you can use it inside Ionic app. You only have to ensure to call its functions after Cordova 'deviceready' callback (accesed by $ionicPlatform.ready in the example below): angular.module('app').controller('IndexController', function ($ion

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