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how to avoid css jitters while applying css border with hover pseudo class

Use outline instead of border

outline: #00FF00 solid thick;

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Pseudo tags "before" & "after", border-left doesn't work in IE
This is a known interop-issue between Internet Explorer and other browsers. We have actually already began shipping changes to the underlying engine to better-render this use-case. Below is a side-by-side of Internet Explorer 11, and our streamable in-development version on, also available in our Windows 10 preview: The primary culprit here is the use of display: table-

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:target pseudo-class not working properly in firefox
The pseudo-class target works on id elements, not classes: The :target pseudo-class represents the unique element, if any, with an id matching the fragment identifier of the URI of the document. Try replacing your .lightbox with #lightbox in your CSS, and your HTML element should be <div id="lightbox"> #lightbox { display: n

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Should we use compact css like 'border' or expand it like 'border-color', 'border-width'?
The reason Firebug expands it is so you can see how the browser computes the styles as specified by the shorthand. You can use longhand properties if you want to avoid cascading conflicts such as a shorthand overriding a longhand, but you need to research which properties are applicable and which are not. The vast majority of the values in your example are implementation-specific and therefore fo

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Applying a Variable to a DIV CLASS In PHP
This is an odd thing to do, as PHP can only generate the initial HTML source that the browser receives. You're basically saying "I need the box at 100/200 and 100/500". In a battle between CSS rules, the most specific rule wins. Normally that'd be style="..." but in this case you didn't add the px unit to the inline style so the browser rejects it as meaningless. The "quick fix" here is to simply

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Avoid creating new PDO in every class
A singleton is a control class that will ensure only one instance of a given object will exist at a time. So instead of calling $conn = new PDO() in every object, creating multiple instances of PDO(), you can write a singleton class named Database and use $conn = Database::instance() instead. class Database { static $instance = null; static function instance() { if (self::$ins

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