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Is there another way to create a backrground task without using AsyncTask?

For downloading data, you might use the DownloadManager service.

More generally speaking, you could use IntentService as a fairly simple alternative to AsyncTask. One downside is it doesn't come with a built-in way to transport data to the Main Thread. You might use a Handler or the LocalBroadcastManager for this purpose.

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Operation AsyncTask
AsyncTask works in background. First onPreExecute is called then doInBackground and then after completing the background task, onPreExecute is called. just keep checking isCancelled() in the doInBackground. protected Object doInBackground(Object... x) { while (/* condition */) { // work... if (isCancelled()) break; } return null; }

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when use asynctask in fragment my app force close
As I told you before you have a problem with finding your views. In short delete this lines of code in your doInBackground method and move them in onCreateView. Something like this: @Override public View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container, Bundle savedInstanceState) { View view = inflater.inflate(R.layout.fragment_omega, container, false); EditText ocUserName1 =(Edi

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Creating an AsyncTask to work with 3 layers?
To my problem I resolved use Volley Library and now works. I did this Volley Singleton public class CustomVolleySingleton extends Application{ private static CustomVolleySingleton mInstance; private RequestQueue mRequestQueue; private ImageLoader mImageLoader; private static Context mCtx; public static final String TAG = "VolleyPatterns"; private CustomVolleySingleton

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Fatal Exception AsyncTask #2 what did I do wrong?
Because I use a Text file from another page of the app to hold a manually entered ip address, I needed to carry that info over so that the the HttpPost("http://" +serverIp.getText().toString() + "chechvin.php"); would actually have the ip address in it. After adding: public static final String SERVERIP= "sinfo.txt"; everything worked just fine.

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AsyncTask onPostExecute not returning the result from doInBackground
You don't need the parent AsyncTask, you're already using findInBackground. What causes the issue here is that you're running the findInBackground in the background, so it's parent AsyncTask will not wait until the done method is called. Instead, it's returning the empty ArrayList. After that the done method is called so it doesn't make any difference to the list.

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