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JOGL vs OpenGL ES API on Android. Pros&Cons

You can use JOGL only on the platforms that we support. I confirm that JOGL has a good interoperability with AWT, Swing and SWT (not yet with OpenJFX/JavaFX but we'll improve that when Oracle does the necessary things). Yes there are some nice abstractions but you forget tons of things:

  • JOGL has its own AWT-free image management. It has a better support of JPEG than ImageIO and it is faster
  • You can preserve the OpenGL context even when your application is paused and put in background (when you press "home"), it's build-in
  • You can test your OpenGL-ES code on your computer even though it doesn't replace the tests on a real device
  • You can use exactly the same OpenGL code on desktop and embedded environments, especially if you already use GL2ES2
  • you can rely on us if something goes wrong, there are already a few commercial games on Google Play

I admit that there is a lack of documentation about JOGL under Android. I'm sorry, I have spent several months in writing a tutorial about JogAmp's Ardor3D Continuation and I prefer leaving the task of doing the same for JOGL Android usage to someone more experienced with it.

Edit.: Sorry for the late reply but I had a problem with my OpenID. Please rather post questions about JOGL on our official forum.

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