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Error in setting up Android usb debugging in ubuntu 14.10

I found this guid fixed my issue. I was facing the same thing when trying to connect to an Azpen A1023

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setting up android environment in linux ubuntu 12.04 64 bit
Whenever you get R cannot be resolved then check for the /res directory and there must be some file that have some error in it and that is preventing the application from being built. For example, it may be a layout file or it may be due to some missing resource is, but you already defined it in the XML file. If you have any additional, even unused (!) or unreferenced (!) images in a folder li

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Android studio build error on ubuntu install
I faced the same problem and in my case is that im running Ubuntu 64 version. I solved that running the following command line: apt-get install -qq -y libc6:i386 libgcc1:i386 libstdc++6:i386 libz1:i386

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Debugging C# MVC3 in visual studio : can i stop session data from clearing each time i re-start debugging?
If you're using InProc session state management (the default), then you're going to be out of luck. Whenever the IIS worker process restarts (when you start debugging), the session state is cleared. The advantage to InProc, of course, is that it runs in memory, so it's faster. However, you could switch to using a state server or a database to manage the sessions. Those both run out-of-process,

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debugging error at the end of the console
Well its difficult to tell what exactly goes wrong without full source code. In my humble opinion, entire source lefts much to be desired. Placing obviously linked data in the bunch of the unlinked arrays with static size is not a very good pattern. Instead try something like that: #include <iostream> #include <vector> #include <string> #include <ostream> struct CFoodItem

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Visual studio hybrid app CTP4 debugging error
I had the same problem. I switch the language from german to english in both Windows and VS. But that don't solved the problem. Than I found this queston/answer . So I downloaded vs2013mda_0.3.exe again and did a repair. For me it solved the problem.

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