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Two thirds histogram Ruby

Your question is unclear. This?

a =
tab1 = proc { Hash[a.group_by{ |v| v }.map{ |k, v|
[k, v.size] }] }
t1 =
t2 =
p t1.value
p t2.value

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Histogram returning inf values
You probably have some irrational number in your y array like nan or inf. You didn't post all of the values, so you have to check yourself. you can also do this by: pylab.isnan(y).any() and pylab.isinf(y).any() Good luck

Categories : Python
Using pyplot to draw histogram
Histograms do not usually show you probabilities, they show the count or frequency of observations within different intervals of values, called bins. pyplot defines interval or bins by splitting the range between the minimum and maximum value of your array into n equally sized bins, where n is the number you specified with argument : bins = 1. So, in this case your histogram has a single bin whic

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Galton Box; Printing a histogram
First, there is no real need for you to keep the array arrayslot, because you print the array element right away, and you don't do anything with it afterwards. So you can just print the character: if ( k < 0.5 ) { System.out.print("L"); } else { System.out.print("R"); } As you notice, there is also no need for an else if. Ei

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Computing Histogram of Oriented Gradients
The third parameter channels in the call to cv::calcHist(...) should not be 0 (which makes it a null pointer). OpenCV expects here a pointer to an array of indices depicting the channels of interest. Since you want to use the first channels (index 0), your code should look like this: int channels[] = { 0 }; calcHist(&cell_fourPx, 1, channels, ...);

Categories : C++
Matplotlib xticks not lining up with histogram
Short answer: Use plt.hist(data, bins=range(50)) instead to get left-aligned bins, plt.hist(data, bins=np.arange(50)-0.5) to get center-aligned bins, etc. Also, if performance matters, because you want counts of unique integers, there are a couple of slightly more efficient methods (np.bincount) that I'll show at the end. Problem Statement As a stand-alone example of what you're seeing, consi

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