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SQL sort failing when sorted column contains both numeric and alphanumeric values

Hmm, I see what you mean. The issue appears to be that the expression in your ORDER BY clause does not have a consistent data type: for some rows it evaluates to an Integer and for other rows it evaluates to a String.

The following worked for me because the expression in this ORDER BY clause always returns a String:

    CDTracks.AlbumCat, CDTracks.AlbumTrack
    (((CDTracks.AlbumCat) = "RCA Victor LSP
    IIf(Val([AlbumTrack]) > 0, Right("00000"
& [AlbumTrack], 5), [AlbumTrack]);

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One Recordset sort Desc, second Recordset sort Asc. Then loop through the first RS and update the table with the first RS value where table value equals second RS value. In this example change ColumnName, ColumnName2 and TableName according to your database. ColumnName2 is output column so it will be replaced with new values. Sub AddDescToAsc() Dim MyDB As DAO.Database, MyRS As DAO.Recordset, My

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SQL: Filter on Alpha and numeric on column of Type TEXT
First I would go slap the person who designed the table (hopefully it isn't you) :> Go to here and get the split table function. I would then convert the text column (like you have in example above) into varchar(max) and supply it as the parameter to the split function. Then you could select from the table results of the split function using the user supplied parameters.

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NUMERIC(3,2) means - 3 digits for whole number and 2 after decimal point.

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Restricting the user to enter only numeric numeric number and float using angualrJS
you can accomplish that with the directive ng-required together with ng-pattern and a regular expression that catches your needs: <input type="text" ng-pattern="regexThatMatchesWhatYouWant" ng-required="true" />

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unix sort inconsistent with mixed numeric and non-numeric
The -n is an overall program option, not part of any key descriptor, even when you physically combine it with a key descriptor in the way you did. If you want only the first key to be sorted numerically, then that would be sort -k1,1n -k2,2 -k3,3 which in fact yields the same order that the input already is in.

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