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I can't play an animation with a Timer

As a first, you should use PostDealyed instead of timer. also, you need to call start animation

Runnable() {

            public void run() {

        }, 3000);

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CSS3 Animation Delay longer than Duration breaks animation
This boils down to a timing issue. Initially the p has display:none; and opacity:0;. On hover the p has display:block; and opacity:1;, and then, after the delay, this is reset to display:none; and opacity:0; when the animation starts. By setting the hover p to have display:block; and animating only the opacity, then I almost get the desired result. To stop the animation from completing and setti

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Timer in another timer
It looks like (from your example) that you are trying to get the function to execute immediately and then run periodically. I've marked the lines that you need to remove if you don't want them to run immediately. function timer2() { var t = 0; function timerImg() { alert(t); t++; } timerImg(); // Remove to not run immediately setInterval(timerIm

Categories : Javascript
How to set a timer in mysql
You will need a stored procedure to execute the code. It is a place where you can have if/else/white.......working with sp Then you will need an event to call the procedure at any schedule time. You have to make sure event-scheduler is turned on in mysql

Categories : Mysql
implement timer for getting gps location
Your approach is wrong instead of using a timer to switch between gps and mobile network you should use locationlistener interface which will listen to the location update according to the timing set by you.Here is the link which i had taken help from and implemented the same.

Categories : Android
Background timer in swift
Executing in the background on iOS is problematic - There are specific background modes for services like location and Bluetooth but no general purpose background execution. Probably the simplest approach is to store a timestamp in NSUserDefaults when the last gem was spawned. Then, when the app is relaunched you can compare the current time with this timestamp and calculate how many additional

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