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Convert DD-MM-YYYY to YYYY-MM-DD format using Javascript

You just need to use return newdate:

function calbill()
var edate=document.getElementById("edate").value;

var myDate = new Date(edate);
var d = myDate.getDate();
var m =  myDate.getMonth();
m += 1;  
var y = myDate.getFullYear();

    var newdate=(y+ "-" + m + "-" + d);
  return newdate;


But I would simply recommend you to use like @Ehsan answered for you.

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i have to convert the csv file date format to excel date format
You can either modify the format that the data comes to you at the export application or you can transform the date/times after you import that column in as text. There is no magical transformation that Excel uses that can adjust the data as provided. If you were able to get the data with the decimal portions of the seconds in the time prefaced with a decimal point as is the norm and the year was

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How do I convert NSData to file format (.mp4/.m4a)
I'm guessing [[ANMovie alloc] initWithFile:] expects a file, and you've passed it, I'm also assuming here, an NSData*. Try: ANMovie* file = [[ANMovie alloc] initWithFile:path];

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not able to convert "£12" nsstring to ascii format
You can't encode a symbol like '£' to ASCII using lossy encoding. That gives the conversion process to drop special characters. (The ASCII character set does not include the '£' symbol. It includes the US "#" symbol instead. back in the day, UK machines displayed that ASCII code as '£' and US machines used "#", but with the advent of Unicode, there are separate characters for both. You should

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Convert following data to JSON format in python
from ast import literal_eval with open('data.txt') as f: sale = [literal_eval(line) for line in f] data = {'Sale': sale} print(data) Output {'Sale': [{'a': 1, 'b': 534}, {'a': 4, 'b': 882}, {'a': 2, 'b': 964}]} From there, you can use the json library to write this to file in JSON format. import json json.dumps(data, indent=4)

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In PHP, how to convert to regular time format from a number
Use the PHP mktime() function. So you would do something like this: $hour = substr($time, 0, -2); // Get everything before last two chars of string $minute = substr($time, -2); // Gets last two chars of string $newtime = mktime($hour, $minute); Then use PHP date() to format it how you want.

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