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How to document JavaScript objects (from UML perspective)

If you want to document your javascript objects, you can even use a MVC pattern for javascript projects. I would personally try to avoid using innerclasses and use proper relationships between classes. If you mean with innerclasses; putting multiple classes sepperated in the same js file, then; yes that's a valid option. Javascript doesn't care in which file a class is, it only thinks about the classes (unlike Java if I'm correct).

Example I wrote 8 years ago for school showing the Control class:

function Control()
    var myView = new View(respondOnChoice);
    var myMathTest = new MathTest();
    var myExercise = new Exercise();

    function respondOnMathTestChoice()

Start.js (to initiate the control):

if (window.attachEvent) //IE
    window.attachEvent("onload", initApp);
if (window.addEventListener)//Firefox

function initGame()
    var myControl = new Control();

In my opinion, this is the best way to use OOP in javascript. If you program properly, you won't have to mind about anything to do with innerclasses, just relationships between classes.

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