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Facebook Programmatically Authorization

There is no way to use username/password for login to your App - it would be a major security problem anyway. You MUST go through the login process in order to authorize users, and you need to authorize them with the publish_actions permission.

This may help you:

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CoreLocation Authorization issues - never prompted for authorization
If you're certain you have added the key to plist file try checking for it in the didChangeAuthorizationStatus: location manager delegate method. Be sure you have both keys in plist as type string and with the values you would like to display to the user: NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription - (void) locationManager:(CLLocationManager *)manager didChangeAuthoriz

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How to change the version of facebook API that the 'Facebook SDK for Python" uses
Looks like you should set default_version to whatever version you want to use, update the valid_API-versions list to include that version, and make sure none of the calls to __init__ are overriding the version with the version parameter

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What is the more appropriate way to handle authorization in the iOS app
I think that most appropriate place to check your authorization status is in applicationDidBecomeActive It would be better if you save all credentials in the keychain because it may share all data between all user's devices. Use the singletone pattern by creating AuthorizationManager class, that contains all relevant code and generate notifications when the auth. status changed. Subscribe your ap

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Feature Flagging vs Authorization
toggle have nothing to do with users, it's all about features for everyone that are enabled or not. It allows you to develop new features, test them, send them to production without being activated (see continuous integration, continuous delivery). One of the interest is to integrate new code as early as possible and avoiding work in progress to be visible from production.

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Azure AD: revoke authorization code?
The authorization code is single use. There is no revocation for it, however it is valid for a very short time -if not redeemed right away, it won't work. The access token it itself cannot be revoked - the consumer does not consult AAD to validate it. However it has a relatively short validity (today is 1 hour) and as soon as it expires it must be refreshed with a refresh token. The refresh toke

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