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Markdown links in HTML embedded code

There isn't a way to do this in vanilla Markdown. If you're able to use the kramdown parser, you can do this by adding markdown="span" to the tags which need processing:

<dl class="section note">
    <dd markdown="span">This is a Note,

This produces the output:

<dl class="section note">
    <dd>This is a Note, <a

More details in the kramdown syntax manual.

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I think it should be: <div class="item item-body" ng-bind-html="deal.notification_details | linky"></div> ngBindHtml expects an expression, hence you don't have to use interpolation markers {{ ... }}. To open a link in new tab you would use target setting of the linky filter: ng-bind-html="deal.notification_details | linky:'_blank'"

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I'm not quite sure what you're going for here, but line breaks, \ go at the end of tthe line, not the beginning, and the aligmnent operator is &. So this: $$ egin{aligned} AR(p): Y_i &= c + epsilon_i + phi_i Y_{i-1} dots \ Y_{i} &= c + phi_i Y_{i-1} dots end{aligned} $$ produces this:

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You can add an image in your GitLab repo README using the absolute raw path of your image : ![](http://your_gitlab_host/your_namespace/your_project_name/raw/master/images/image.png) If you use the code in your question, the generated (broken) image link will be : <img src="" alt=""> As Ciro Santilli said, the following

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You can use the Mock GPS facility in android to test your app. Of course you will not get the real location.

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