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Sending multiple images using Implicit Intent

you can try using this links for guiding your way :

link 1 - look on accepted answer.

1: Select Multiple Images Using GalleryView and link 2

but not getting Ans for which i m looking for .. but i have found alternative solution . Get all images from inbuilt Gallery and set it all our custom Gellery .. kindly check out this linkCustom Gallery with checkbox

i hope it will help you.

Credit to this post

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java sending images over http get doesn't work
How about using a HttpURLConnection and sending bytes instead of strings. HttpURLConnection connection; ByteArrayOutputStream baos; try { URL url = new URL(""); connection = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection(); connection.setDoOutput(true); connection.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "image/jpeg"); connection.setRequestMethod("POST"); baos

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Saving canvas images around 300 in an array and sending it once to process it crashes in chrome but works fine in firefox
There are several issues with your JS. First: you should probably use imgg.push(flag_video == 1 ? cs.toDataURL() : canvas.toDataURL()) as this may optimize better than your manual indexing. Second: your data is probably freakishly huge. Third: you are using a string for your setInterval instead of passing the function setInterval(makevide) Fourth: and likely the source of your problem, is that

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Android: Sending multiple messages over a sslsocket connection
Ok, finally I found solution on my own. The problem was in reading, because r.readLine() blocked until server closed connection, so after this nothing could be sent. Now client is not waiting for server to close connection, but it checks if the message is complete. Like this: while ((actRecieved = r.readLine()) != null) { response.append(actRecieved); if(actRecieved.endsWith("SomeEndMa

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Center multiple images horizontally in CSS
<p> <img src="" /> <img src="" /> </p> ---- p{ display:block; width:100%; background:tan; text-align:center } p img{ display:inline-block } view result here:

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Error previewing multiple images inside div
div#uploa by default have a display property set to block, wich meens any added element will be set below the div, so what you need to do, is to set position of the div to relative, then the position of the images to absolute, then control the left property using javascript. this is exactly the element you need to target output#list { position: absolute; top: 10; left: 230; }

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