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How do I parse XML web service in Swift?

You should use the NSXMLParser in your completion handler for the request:

let task =
    (data, response, error) in

    if data == nil {
        println("dataTaskWithRequest error:

    let parser = NSXMLParser(data: data)
    parser.delegate = self

    // you can now check the value of the
`success` variable here

// but obviously don't try to use it here here

Clearly, the above assumes that you have (a) defined your view controller to conform to NSXMLParserDelegate and (b) have implemented the NSXMLParserDelegate methods, e.g. something like:

var elementValue: String?
var success = false

func parser(parser: NSXMLParser, didStartElement
elementName: String, namespaceURI: String?,
qualifiedName qName: String?, attributes
attributeDict: [NSObject : AnyObject]) {
    if elementName == "success" {
        elementValue = String()

func parser(parser: NSXMLParser, foundCharacters
string: String?) {
    if elementValue != nil {
        elementValue! += string

func parser(parser: NSXMLParser, didEndElement
elementName: String, namespaceURI: String?,
qualifiedName qName: String?) {
    if elementName == "success" {
        if elementValue == "true" {
            success = true
        elementValue = nil

func parser(parser: NSXMLParser,
parseErrorOccurred parseError: NSError) {
    println("parseErrorOccurred: (parseError)")

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