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Let build.sbt define dependency on another local library

I tend to prefer a build definition in project/Build.scala, instead of build.sbt. But the following code within the object Build should also do for a standard build.sbt.

import sbt._

object Build extends Build {
  lazy val projectA ="a"))
  lazy val projectB ="b")).dependsOn(projectA)


//your root build.scala
name := "test"

version := "1.0"

scalaVersion := "2.11.4"

val projectA ="a"))
val projectB ="b")).dependsOn(projectA)

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Use the inline keyword. There are several disadvantages if you use the preprocessor to develop function-like macros: no type safety checking no sanity checking bad to debug bad readability expressions passed to macros can be evaluated more than once

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There is no easy way to do this because parent pom's are handled differently than maven dependencies. So dependency:tree won't work. What you can try doing though is pull each dependency and their pom, parse through and check the parent. You may also try pulling up the effective pom and use it to parse through.

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How to add library dependency additionally for exact plugin during execution?
Add the it to libraryDependenies in projects/build.sbt and it should work. The reason is that sbt is recursive, so PROJECT_DIR/build.sbt defines stuff together with project/*.scala build files, and project/*.sbt are in the same way defining settings for project/project - the project that builds the project. You can read more about that here:

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Gradle's dependency cache is located under ~/.gradle/caches. (Inspecting the dependencies of the generated IntelliJ project will reveal that.) The exact cache layout is unspecified, and may change between Gradle versions.

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Your plan is correct. As long as your library exposes a C API compatible with platform ABI (sizes and alignments of C types, calling conventions) and does not throw C++ exceptions you are not going to have troubles linking your library using other compilers or languages. You could also add a C++ header only wrapper for your C API to make it easily reusable from C++ and exception safe.

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