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error in EXEC Sp_executesql

I think this what you are trying to achieve


            + Quotename(@SampleWorkTbl) + ')
    select * into ##temp from base'

EXEC Sp_executesql

FROM   ##temp

FROM   [Sorin].[dbo].[News]
                FROM   ##temp
                WHERE  RN > ( ( @Count - 1 ) *
15 )
                ORDER  BY Id DESC)

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The root of my problem was none of the above and it was a change in the way Wordpress internal variables worked. The plug-in I was attempting to troubleshoot was utilizing the following: define('WPA_PLUGIN_DIR', WP_PLUGIN_DIR . '/' . WPA_PLUGIN_NAME); define('WPA_PLUGIN_URL', WP_PLUGIN_URL . '/' . WPA_PLUGIN_NAME); New Code which per these two links stating to do not use the internal Wordpres

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That's happening, because I bet you have a "/users/someparameter" route probably in the users.server.routes.js. So when you're requesting that js file it tries to go through the route. Probably the "someparameter" is an ID, so when requesting the users.client.module.js, it fails to parse the the parameter, since the filename is not an id. You need to update the route or rename the "users" folder

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I figured it out. My url had a : in it, and urllib cannot use that character. I replaced it with %3A and now it's working. Web browsers usually convert : to %3A automatically, but urllib requires it to be converted first.

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