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eclipse: after signing with proguard, apk crashes

You can add this option to make the stacktraces a little more obvious but still obfuscated:

-keepattributes SourceFile,LineNumberTable,Signature

Alternatively you should de-obfuscate your stacktrace using the mapping.txt file that is generated when you create your proguarded build. This file is the "key" to changing your code back to normal. It is different every time you build a new apk so ensure you keep the correct file with the correct version.

Use retrace to de-obfuscate your stacktrace. (Get the crash stacktrace from your LogCat and save it to a file like obfuscated_stacktrace.txt.) Then run this command:

 retrace.bat -verbose mapping.txt

More details here Proguard Decoding

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I faced the same error and finally sorted it out by keeping the below line in the proguard-project.txt file -libraryjars /libs/Your_Jar_File.jar Just exclude jar file which ever you feel it is causing you the expection. I am facing this issue due to one external jar file. Where proguard is obfuscating it. As in my case airpush jar file is creating the problem. Just exclude it.

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For retrofit you need to keep annotations. For that add this rule: -keepattributes *Annotation* Then you need your rule to keep Retrofit classes: -keep class retrofit.** { *; } And you probably need to keep your REST API and its API methods: -keepclasseswithmembers class * { @retrofit.http.* <methods>; }

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Proguard and Netty 5 on Android
I have fixed this issue with some carefully* applied Proguard rules after reading through parts of the rather huge Netty sources: -keepattributes Signature,InnerClasses -keepclasseswithmembers class io.netty.** { *; } -keepnames class io.netty.** { *; } My original exception was caused by the type variables being removed from the bytecode, which Netty uses via reflection. Signature in -

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Proguard shouldn't remove .so files, I guess your issue comes from something else. When you use "add native support" from eclipse, eclipse creates an empty ndk library project (a jni folder with empty sources and a sample Makefile). So when you build your app, eclipse empties libs/*/ folders, then build and install the newly created library here. If you don't use the NDK yourself (not compiling

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the problem was in the sign length it was pointer just make it as below and pass it to method as a reference here is the new code BIO *sgerr = NULL; const char szPath[MAX_FILE_NAME_SIZE] = "sgerr.pem"; sgerr = BIO_new_file(szPath,"wb"); cout<<"i'm in sign digest"<<endl; //create private key EVP_PKEY *priv_key = NULL; priv_key = EVP_PKEY_new(); if (1 == EVP_PKEY_s

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