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how to get image from gridview list when i click image, i'm using picasso library

Two points:

  • Pass the URL of the image you selected from MainActivity to SingleViewActivity.
  • Use ImageLoader, and do not modify the width/heigth otherwise the memory cache will miss.

Others the cache will do everything for you.

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If you are using Target's - they should be strong referenced objects. Create field mTaget in your class and move Target's initialization from onBindViewHolder method. Edit: hold auth keys in secure place, like keystore. Don't save them in SharedPreferences, it's a bad practice. Update: 1) create custom Target class public class CommonImageTarget implements Target { private final ImageView

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I came across this issue today and resolved it the same way. Revoke and regenerate code signing solves this issue. But to shed some light on the "why" part of it. Apple went ahead and changed the certificate contents. To be more precise, it added a new "OU" (organizational unit) field under Subject. By revoking and regenerating the code signing, it added the missing field and the problems went aw

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