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linq any function

If your first bit of code is your intended behaviour then I think this suffices:

Dim query = _
    From sf In _SelectedFields _
    From df In sf.DataFields _
    From ag In _Aggregations _
    Where Not
ag.AggregatedExpr.Contains(df.FieldName) _
    Where Not
FieldInGroupBy.Contains(df.FieldName) _
    Select df.FieldName

For Each x in query
    MessageBox.Show( _
        "Missing selected field '" & x &
"' at GROUP BY.", _
        "", _
    Exit Sub

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Access function inside class from a function that is located in another public function
You should write the function as static. self:: can be used to to call function statically. If you don't write the function as static then can use $this-> to call the function. Try something like this class frontend { public static function file_get_contents_curl($domain) { } public static function get_all_seo_details() { require_once('details-functions.php'); $face

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Is it possible to assign function hooks to game objects, e.g. run function on init, death, etc?
If you mean via API - not possible yet. But you can change your current state and compare it to memorized previous state of the objects. For example, if some creep name in Memory still presents, but it is gone in Game.creeps, then something happened. for(var i in Game.creeps) { var creep = Game.creeps[i]; creep.memory.lastSeenAt = {x: creep.pos.x, y: creep.pos.y}; } for(var i in Memory.c

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Calling a method of a function constructor from another function in the global scope - Javascript
Close. You need to call this.markDone(); this is set differently inside the forEach loop, so you need to set it explicitly or catch it earlier and set it to something else, like that Try this: function func1() { console.log("func 1"); this.markDone(); } And: this.execute = function() { var that = this; funcList.forEach(function(func){ func.apply(that); }); }

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rails base file has function a that calls a function c, but c is defined in two js files. How to resolve this per page?
Functions are first class citizens in js. I was able to pass selectLocations as a parameter to drawLocations. drawLocations(..., selectLocations){ ... } So, on the page ready page just pass that page's function as a parameter.

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why is it necessary to include template parameter before every function even if we are not using diduced type in the function?
Because the function PrintK is member of template class Thing<_T>. For a member function definition outside the class, the function name also includes class name(to which it belongs, here it belongs to Thing), since Thing is template, so function name requires you to provide template parameter (T here). e.g. Function definition outside class requires the following syntax ** return type class n

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