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How to convert php array into javascript array for Highchart JS

use JsonEncode

in .php file

  <?php $data=Array ( [0] =>
"Butter noob", 26375 [1] => "Crab Vermecilli",
0 [2] => "Salted Egg Yolk Crab", 0 ) ;?>
        series: [{
            name: 'Delivered amount',
            data: JSON.parse(<?php

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Your array contains numbers as strings, you just need to convert string to number (el) { return +el }) // The same but a little shorter // // or before push // FirstTurnOver.push(+billerdetails1); DEMO:

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How to convert database table record to javascript array
Simply echo it as JSON string: <?php $arrayFromDB = [ ['IMaxx', 50.780941, 6.079134], ['Aachen-Elisenbrunnen', 50.771680, 6.086472], ['Uni-Cinema', 50.776185, 6.079306], ['Alter-Posthof', 50.771705, 6.086561], ['Cinemaxx', 50.770754, 6.084942] ]; echo "<script>var locations = ".json_encode($arrayFromDB).";</script>"; ?>

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convert Javascript dot notated objects to array based style
Use the following process: Create logic for one level Wrap logic in JSON.parse callback Call JSON.stringify on the data Call JSON.parse on the result of JSON.stringify

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In Java what's the fastest and easiest way to convert an array of String into an array of float?
In Java 8 Code: String text = "5.75,9.05,8.16,0.94,-0.10,-0.56,3.60 "; String[] spText = text.split(","); List<Float> list = Stream.of(spText) .map(f -> Float.parseFloat(f)) .collect(Collectors.toList()); list.forEach(f -> System.out.print(" " + f)); Output: 5.75 9.05 8.16 0.94 -0.1 -0.56 3.6 Explanation: Stream class accept a array and

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Convert byte[] array to a short[] array with half the length
I think you're looking for Buffer.BlockCopy. Buffer.BlockCopy(record, 0, target, 0, record.Length); I believe that will preserve the endianness of the architecture you're on - so it may be inappropriate in some environments. You might want to abstract this into a method call which can check (once) whether or not it does what you want (e.g. by converting {0, 1} and seeing whether the result is {

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