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Combining words in a string into anagrams using ruby

As commented by Yevgeniy Anfilofyev , values is a method and hence it

Returns a new array populated with the values from hash

While, if we remove the method values then we get the whole hash and not only the array of values.

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Comparing a string with a list of strings to find anagrams in Python
You can use a generators for that , Also note that the result of sorted function is a list and you need to convert it to string with ''.join() and then compare : def find_anagrams_in_word_list(str1, str_list): return [ i for i in str_list if ''.join(sorted(str1)) == ''.join(sorted(i))] Demo : >>> l =['abcd', 'msnd'] >>> find_anagrams_in_word_list('cba',l) ['abcd']

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Comparing two arrays containing strings for anagrams in Ruby
This doesn't have to be rocket science. In fact, so long as you can consistently represent each array, it's a no-brainer: a = ['hello', 'goodbye', 'pants', 'baa'] b = ['helio', 'godbye', 'spant', 'aba'] c = ['lohel', 'goedboy', 'spant', 'aab'] def anagram_flatten(array) array.collect do |word| word.chars.sort.join end end puts anagram_flatten(a) == anagram_flatten(b) # => false puts

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Displaying the Top 10 words in a string
Use collections.Counter to count all the words, Counter.most_common(10) will return the ten most common words and their count wordz = v.split() from collections import Counter c = Counter(wordz) print(c.most_common(10)) Using with to open the file and get a count of all the words in the txt file: from collections import Counter with open("") as

Categories : Python
preg_replace same words in a string
Use the below regex in preg_replace function. Regex: (:wall:)(?:s+:wall:)+ OR (:wall:)(?:s+1)+ Replacement string: $1 DEMO Code: <?php $str = "this is text :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: more text"; echo preg_replace('~(:wall:)(?:s+1)+~', '$1', $str); ?> Output: this is text :wall: more text (:wall:) Captures the text :wall: into a group. This could be referred by group index 1

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Run time of reversing the words in a string
In your algorithm: split has linear complexity in the length of the input string Assuming that by string wordsReversed; you actually meant string wordsReversed = ""; and that by wordsReversed.join(" ", reversedWord); you actually meant wordsReversed += " " + reversedWord; then the body of the outer foreach loop has linear complexity in the length of word since both the inner foreach

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