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How to make the contents of multiple div class elements editable

Try this. Your divs need to look like <div id="name" class="edit" contenteditable="true">Meshech Price</div>


<div class="container">
        <div class="table-row">
            <div id="name" class="edit"
        <div class="table-row">
            <div class="heading">Date
            <div id="dateRecieved" class="edit"


function saveEdits() {
    var editElem =
    localStorage.userEdits = {},
function(e) {



function checkEdits() {

   if(localStorage.userEdits) {
      var editElem =
function(e) {
                e.innerHTML =

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Just use the class name in the selector, then check it's length. Ex: if ( $('').length > 0 && $('').length > 0 ) { // do stuff }

Categories : Jquery
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Use each in jquery $(".gains").each(function() { var gain_loss = parseInt($(this).text()); console.log("gains_loss = " + gain_loss); if (gain_loss < 0){ // make red }else if (gain_loss == 0){ // make grey }else if (gain_loss > 0){ // make green } });

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If you want to use jQuery animate check this fiddle: Script: $(document).ready(function(){ var SlideUpAnimate = function(duration, callback){ var $element = $("#slideUp"); var startPosition = $(window).scrollTop() + $(window).height() + $element.height(); var finishPosition = $element.position().top; $element.css("top", startPosition + "px").show(

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jquery add a class and cycle it on the elements
Made a FIDDLE with your problem and my solution :) Added following: var pointer = 1; fixed (a dot was missing): var $prev=$('.prev'); var $next=$('.next'); Updated this: li.eq(pointer).addClass('active'); li.eq(pointer+1).addClass('active'); And updated your prev/next: $next.on('click', function(){ if(li.hasClass('active')){ li.removeClass('active'); } pointer++; li.eq(po

Categories : Javascript
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This was kind of an interesting problem... but I believe this does what you want. JSFiddle $(".parent-div").each(function () { var $div1 = $(this).find(".col-xs-6"); var $div2 = $("<div class='col-xs-6'></div>"); var $lastUl = $div1.children("ul").last(); var $section = $div1.children("ul").first().nextUntil($lastUl); var $after = $lastUl.nextAll(); $div2.appe

Categories : Javascript
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