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How do i automatically load code changes using docker fig

You need to call "fig build" to rebuild the container. I think it is easier to mount a directory on the host-system (via ADD in the dockerfile), you don't have to rebuild the container everytime then.

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AngularDart build with Docker
Update Should be fixed in code_transformers 0.2.3+2 (see Old I don't know yet why this is necessary on some systems and not on others but this should fix it. transformers: - angular: sdkDirectory: "/usr/lib/dart" See also for an alternative approach using symlinks.

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docker linking how can both containers know each others ip
To find one container from another, you can use a 'service discovery' mechanism such as SkyDock. Skydock - Automagic Service Discovery for Docker Skydock monitors docker events when containers start, stop, die, kill, etc and inserts records into a dynamic DNS server skydns. This allows standard DNS queries for services running inside docker containers. For the more complex case where y

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Link docker container with host
The easiest thing to do would be using --net=host. That effectively puts the container in the host network (which may not be what you want). Another option would be to talk to the docker host interface. DOCKER_HOST=`ip route show | grep ^default | awk '{print $3}'` should figure out the IP of the host inside the container. The latter assumes that the host service listens on that (or all) host i

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How to deploy app in this meteor docker image?
I'm not really sure what you mean to do with your command docker run -i -t ulexus/meteor /bin/bash because with the -i, -t and /bin/bash at the end, this just starts the image and runs an interactive bash session. How does this create the main.js error? What does your Dockerfile look like? I use the following command to run a test-server that starts a simple sshd process: docker run -p 22:22 --rm=

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How to setup a MongoDB with Vagrant and Docker
In order for servers to communicate I guess you would need to configure port forwarding properly, so that routing server would be able to access shards, and vice versa. With Vagrant one can configure port forwarding, and in this case, I suppose also needs to be combined with ports being properly configured for Docker containers. Refer to Vagrant Networking Configuration page and Vagrant's Docker

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