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Mock a method from implicit class in specs2

When you write project.searchFile then searchFile is not a method which belongs to the mocked object but to the RichProject class. So Mockito can not mock it and will try to execute it.

I don't fix there is a fix for this other than mocking the RichProject class itself.

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An implicit class is just a shorthand for class Foo(a: A) implicit def pimpMyA(a: A) = new Foo(a) You can annotate a class as implicit if its constructor takes exactly one non-implicit parameter. Here's the relevant doc where you can read more about it: In your specific example, it means that any Seq[A] can be implicitly lifted

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The C++ language has no way to specify an implicit conversion precedence order and I can't see any way to meet all your requirements. The best solution here is to remove your operator int(). I know you said you don't want that alternative , but calling .get() is only six more characters of typing, once when you first write it. Then not only does it solve your ambiguity but it can prevent obscure

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This is a well known problem with generic interfaces. Here is yours: type IVisitor<T> = interface ['{9C353AD4-6A3A-44FD-B924-39B86A4CB14D}'] procedure Visit(o: T); end; Now, the as operator is implemented on top of the GUID that you specify for the interface. When you write: (V as IVisitor<TButton>).Visit(Button1); (V as IVisitor<TEdit>).Visit(Edit1); how can th

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updateData is declared as a class method (i.e. static), and it's executed in the context of the class type and not a class instance. On the other hand, someMethod is an instance method. You cannot execute an instance method from a static method, unless you provide an instance. Without knowing the logic of your app, it's hard to figure out how the problem should be solved. Some possible solutions

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