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Change Date column to DateTime in SQL Server

The following steps should help you.

To change this option,

  1. Tools menu
  2. click Options
  3. Designers
  4. Select Table and Database Designers
  5. Clear the check box Prevent saving changes that require the table to be re-created.

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The property datefmt is very rudimentary. How you can read in the documentation it supports only "/", "-" and "." as separators and d, m, Y with small variation. One can't use DataTime format. So the option datefmt will be not used typically at all. Instead of that one should use formatter: "date". It convert input data into Date JavaScript objects. Such objects can be easy sorted. One should use

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The system clock on both servers could be slightly different. From the spec (emphasis added): Gets a DateTime object that is set to the current date and time on this computer, expressed as the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

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You could utilize Regional Settings REST endpoint: /_api/web/RegionalSettings/TimeZone to retrieve SharePoint Time Zone settings and then get time for that time zone: function getSPCurrentTime(webUrl) { return $.ajax({ url: webUrl + "/_api/web/RegionalSettings/TimeZone", method: "GET", headers: { "Accept": "application/json; odata=verbose" } }).then(function(da

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The format of sqlserver is yyyy-mm-dd, but you can define your input by execute the command set dateformat dmy -- to accept dmy format set dateformat mdy select cast( '11-9-2014' as date) set dateformat dmy select cast( '11-9-2014' as date) updated Ideally you can not try to change format, you can validate your data and then insert. Whenever we insert into datetime datatype, sqlserver will

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I tried interpreting your question. This is what your data looks like: close dn mavg up pctb sig 1 11/21/2014 13:40:00 120462.8 120244.0 120427.2 120610.4 0.5973438 1 2 11/21/2014 13:45:00 120461.1 120282.7 120414.9 120547.0 0.6747622 0 3 11/21/2014 13:50:00 120635.2 120267.1 120418.6 120570.2 1.2145544 0 4 11/21/2014 13:55:00 120545.0 120266.0

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