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how to use JavaScript to force a HTML page scroll to the top in all mobile browsers?

Sure, just animate the scrollTop property of body and html (or whatever element you have that is scrollable).

$("html, body").animate({scrollTop:

It is necessary to select both body and html for cross-browser support.

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Force web browsers to recognize updated graphics across site
You could add a query string with an incremental number, ie. href="style.css?ver1.123" Have a look at

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MP3 Playback 503 Error using Chromium-based browsers on mobile
This problem probably had to do with some server settings I am unaware of, as moving the file to another server (our staging server) allowed it to be played without any problems. I do not understand why, but by making the audio file longer than 5 seconds allowed it to be played back on the Android Chrome browser from the original server. Hope this helps somebody! It sure is strange!

Categories : Android
Which mobile browsers support "connectionless push" as described in the EventSource specification?
I reached out to Ian Hickson (author of the eventsource rfc). He's given me permission to repost his answer here: "I haven't heard of any implementations. That section was added by request from some network-associated handset vendors a few years ago. Since then, the landscape has changed quite a bit and networks and handset vendors don't work as closely together."

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kendo ui mobile listview endless scroll displaying only one item
The listview widget is not compatbile with style:inset in endlessScroll mode thanks to kendo. Enabling endless scrolling or press to load more options triggers the virtual mode of the ListView. Currently, certain features (grouped mode and inset styling) are not supported in virtual mode.

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Force Zoom-Level/DPI-Scale with CSS, Header-Tag or JavaScript
There doesn't seem to be a code fix for this, but it can be fixed by changing your browser settings. See links below: Stop Firefox DPI Scaling (when Windows setting is at 125%)

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