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algorithm to generate short unique human readable id from first and last name

One technique would be to just use a combination of the first name and last name, similar to how large companies create email aliases. If you only are creating a few thousand, it wouldn't be hard to work around collisions. These are probably the most human friendly type of id to deal with. For example, Bill Smith would be billsm or something similar.

If you don't want your ids to be easily guessable (though if guessing an id breaks your security model you should probably look into that) then you can go with something like the following (untested javascript pseudocode):

var sequence = 1,
    shardId = 1,
    epoch = 1357027200000;

function nextId() {
  sequence = sequence + 1;
  now = - epoch;
  seqId = sequence % 1023
  nextId = now << 15 | shardId << 10 |

  return (nextId).toString(36);

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