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GNU-CRYPTO: JCE cannot authenticate the provider GNU-CRYPTO

This is likely due to the fact that that project was integrated into GNU classpath. That means that the last signed provider was for 1.4. Up to 1.5 you had to create signed versions of your libraries for each Java version, so one for 1.4 is probably not compatible with 1.5 and higher (check for instance the bouncy class library, which has separate downloads for each version of Java up to 1.5). Furthermore, the certificate may have expired.

Please use cryptographic libraries that are actually maintained. There should be no need for GNU crypto in the first place.

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Non-random alternative to public key crypto in PHP?
Just encrypt the private key using password based encryption. That is first derive a secret key from a password (using PBKDF2 or bcrypt for instance) and then encrypt the private exponent or the whole key. This is the way e.g. PGP works. Of course this requires storing the encrypted private key.

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A very recent breaking change made enums namespaced within their parent types. They haven't yet merged the pull request to fix that (Travis was showing the result of that PR)

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I don't see a provider defined in your manifest. You should have something like this: <provider android:name="provider" android:authorities="" android:exported="false"/>

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You could validate user email when user registers and reject to register if the email is not the one you want. You can do so in AccountController.Register action by validating the specified email, and not creating user if email does not come from your domain. Google OAuth provider returns user email, if you ask it to do it (add scope "email" to GoogleOAuth2AuthenticationOptions in Startup.Auth)

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Why do you pass auth details in the URL? You have a Basic Auth section in POSTMAN, where you can put you login credentials. POSTMAN will then set the correct headers for you. Remember to set BasicAuthentication as your auth class in DRF view or settings.

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