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When JButton Disable, the text shown in JButton(for some selected)

You can put this code on the click event of the button you intend to show the desired text.

Although your purpose isn't very much clear, I guess you need this:


Edit as per your code:

Initially set the button's foreground color same as the button's background color.

    if (
        if (game.getCountHit() == 3) {
             startBtn.setText("Restart Game "); //
set text



Assume a new array for storing the text with the desired rowSize and colSize which will be same as ButtonArray.

String[][] newArray = new String

Random class:

 for (int y = 0; y < x; y++) {
    int randomThree = new
    int randomThree2 = new
    if (newArray[randomThree][randomThree2] !=
"hit") { 



Main Class: Button Action:

ActionListener() {
            public void
actionPerformed(ActionEvent arg0) {

                if (
newArray[r][c].equalsIgnoreCase("hit")) {
                    if (game.getCountHit() == 3) {
Game "); // set text

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