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How to get table from EXEC sp_executesql in @TempTable, within a stored procedure

this can be achieved using global temp tables like below :


SET @Column = 'YouColumnList' -- id,name etc.
created by you dynamically.

IF( Object_id('tempdb..##IntermediateTable') IS
    DROP TABLE ##IntermediateTable

SET @sql = '
SELECT ' + @Column + '
Into   ##IntermediateTable
FROM   YourTable
WHERE  id = 123

EXEC sp_executesql

IF( Object_id('tempdb..#temptable') IS NOT NULL )
    DROP TABLE #temptable

INTO   #temptable
FROM   ##IntermediateTable

IF( Object_id('tempdb..##IntermediateTable') IS
    DROP TABLE ##IntermediateTable

FROM   #temptable --resulting temptable to use.
alter it or do whatever desired.

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