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Creating a complexType from multiple complexTypes

You don't give any sample code, so it is difficult to say what you exactly want to solve and how, but it sounds like you could try using <xs:group> element.

Form a group of the common elements that contains the element's requirements and then refer to this group from your two complex types at a proper moment.

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get array result with wsdl and complexType
My Web Service: function pagos($fecha){ require_once "include/conexion.php"; $result = sqlsrv_query2(" consulta"); $datos = array(); $c=0; while($row = sqlsrv_fetch_array($result)){ for($i = 0; $i<6;$i++){ $datos[$c][$i]=$row[$i]; } $c++; } return $datos; //devuelvo un array multidimensional de 6 columnas } $server->AddFun

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Unable to generate class from xsd. Undefined complexType is used as a base for complex type extension
Corrected the path of schemaLocation="../common/common.xsd"/> and add the missing xsd. From Visual studio : Add xsd in solution explorer. Right click on root xsd and click on generate xml Convert xml to class.

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Winsock ~ Creating an UDP Listener (Multiple vs 1 socket)
Unlike TCP, UDP is connection-less, and as such you don't need to create separate sockets for each party. One UDP socket can handle everything. Bind it to a local IP/Port and call WSARecvFrom() once, and when it reports data to your IOCP you can process the data as needed (if another thread if needed) and then call WSARecvFrom() again. Each time new data arrives, you have to look at the reporte

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Creating a function to create multiple arrays with the same properties
Looks like you forgot the return statement. function arrayCreator(rows,cols){ var array = newArray(rows); for(var i = 0;i < rows;i++){ array[i] = newArray(cols); } return array; }

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What's the difference between first locking and creating a lock_guard(adopt_lock) and creating a unique_lock(defer_lock) and locking?
There's actually a paragraph (3.2.6) in the book explaining that the code is virtually equivalent and you could replace one with the other. The only difference being is that std::unique_lock tends to take more space and is a fraction slower than std::lock_guard. Bottom line is whenever you don't need the additional flexibility that std::unique_lock provides, go with std::lock_guard.

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