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How to prevent command prompt ( windows ) from opening file when typing command?

Sounds like python files are associated with an editor instead of with the python interpreter. If so you'll have to change the associations for .py files (found in folder options), or call the python interpreter:

 C:path	opython download_app
-A -V

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How to run a batch command in Windows as a different user without typing the password?
The only way to supply the password to runas at runtime is with a script, and not terribly gracefully either. It's ugly, it's hackish, and it's asking for security troubles. Having said that, I've done something similar in the past with WScript.Shell's .run and .SendKeys methods like this: @if (@a==@b) @end /* multiline JScript comment :: runas.bat :: runas with automated password entry @echo

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error of finding the total line number of a large text file using the Windows command prompt
You could try a JScript solution. JavaScript numbers are always a 64-bit float data type, accurate up to 15 digits as integers. It'll take a while though. It takes me about 15 seconds to count the lines in a 100 meg XML file with this script. Edit: Since the float datatype wasn't large enough, I modified the script to use an array as a counter, then output the result as a joined string. As lo

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How to prevent PuTTY shell from auto-exit after executing command from batch file in Windows?
The SSH session closes (and PuTTY with it) as soon as the command finishes. Normally the "command" is shell. As you have overridden this default "command" and yet you want to run the shell nevertheless, you have to explicitly execute the shell yourself: avahi-daemon ... ; /bin/bash Also as use of -m switch implies a non-interactive terminal, you probably want to force an interactive terminal ba

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Arguments and Command Prompt
What are the & doing in the string? That's a command prompt command to launch a new process. e.g. dir & dir will run dir twice. So your string is running ping and then trying to run the IP as a command by itself. Try: Process.Start("cmd", String.Format("/k {0} {1} {2}", "ping", TheIP, "-t")) (I took "-l" out because you don't have enough string formatting places to use it, and it nee

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How to run an external command from lldb prompt
This might be what you're looking for... (lldb) help platform shell Run a shell command on a the selected platform. This command takes 'raw' input (no need to quote stuff). Syntax: platform shell <shell-command> Command Options Usage: platform shell [-t <value>] -t <value> ( --timeout <value> ) Seconds to wait for the remote host to finis

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