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Showing a Wait Message When Submitting Long Javascript Requests

ah jquery - sigh. You're going to have to tweak this to get the styling/presentation you want, but I'm going to point you in the general direction using plain old JavaScript.

  1. Add an image tag with the gif you want to use on the page where you want it

      < img src='loading.gif'/>
  2. Add an id and "display:none" to the image style to hide it

    <img id='loadingImg' 
    style='display:none;' src='loading.gif'/>
  3. get rid of the onclick handler in your submit button tag and instead put code like this below your form

           //listen for click on your button
                    //this is the code that runs when
    the button is clicked
                    //get the button we clicked on
                    //set that button to disabled
                    //display the loading image

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