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AndroidStartServiceOnBoot.class is called only once in the program..but i want it to call everytime

response that is being returned from ur php script or whatever... is having a
tag attached as 1.echo "br" ----for php etc....(Remove this for php) Check ur response returning from server..There should be no
tag while returning response from file residing on server

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Scala Child Class Constructor is not being called from Java Parent Class
Constructors in Scala work differently than Java. In particular, they are not a def with the same name as the class. There are various places you can read about it. In any case, if you really need alternate constructors, they look like so: class C(name: String) { def this(i: Int) = this(i.toString) } (The reason is that forgetting to properly initialize things in alternate constructors is

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How do I return to the class after I've called my run method in my new GUI?
Take a look at How to Make Dialogs. A modal dialog will block at the code execution at the point the dialog is made visible and will return once the window has dismissed. You would then be in a position to get what ever values you needed from the object (that it proivde access for you to get). Alternatively, you could use an Observer Pattern and simply call the class back when something has cha

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Aspect not getting called from Service class
As mentioned in the comments you will need to declare in configuration. Also, since you are using @AfterReturning advice, this advice will get executed only if your target method does not throw any exception at runtime.

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Can't make my student java program to work with a class that is in a .jar file
Assuming MyProgramm has no package defined, and the directory you are in is where the MyProgramm.class file is, do java -cp .:./jsoup.jar MyProgramm if on linux or java -cp .;./jsoup.jar MyProgramm if on windows

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Java program doesn't display text from another class (graphs)
This looks to be your main problem you aren't storing your arguments in your variables. Rather you are just initializing them. Change your Flight constructor to look like this. public Flight(String depTime, String arrTime, String flightNo, double duration){ this.depTime = depTime; this.arrTime = arrTime; this.flightNo = flightNo; this.duration = duration; }

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