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Internal Or External Link

By comparing a click event's .hostname with location.hostname you can easily check if a link is still local.

In the code below I apply a .click event to the class link : Meaning many elements can use the link class to be included in the event handling.

I personally find it preferable to use this method as it requires no changes to the main HTML document. That being said, you could always use onclick="function()" and get the same results.

   function(e) {
     if ( === location.hostname)
       console.log("going local")
       return true;
     } else if (confirm("Do you with to leave this
website?")) {
       console.log("Leaving Website");
       return true;

     } else {
       console.log("Staying here");
      return false;

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">



  <a class="link"
  <a class="link" href="#"> # (local)



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