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Fling gestures not executing

The one piece that you are missing is that you are not sending the activity's touch events to your listener. Assuming that you want to detect gestures on your GameView object, the one line you need, after constructing the listener, is:


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This question caught my eye because it is something I would like to do in the future for a non-English language. These are my thoughts: Observe what other people have done This helps to know what is possible, where to start, and where to go. Here are some things I have found: Google Handwrite WritePad Unfortunately it doesn't look opensource but shows features you could add Open-Source Chinese

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Try this in the code-behind, worked for me. using ShakeGestures; //Add the reference public MainPage() { InitializeComponent(); ShakeGesturesHelper.Instance.ShakeGesture += Instance_ShakeGesture; ShakeGesturesHelper.Instance.MinimumRequiredMovesForShake = 10; ShakeGesturesHelper.Instance.Active = true; } void Instance_ShakeGesture(object sender, ShakeGestureEventArgs e) { Deployment.Cur

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Asp .Net MVC on action executing - Get the value of action parameter values of user defined types on action executing
This answer isn't exactly what you want - based on your question - but I think it will work better for what want to accomplish. Quick aside... Playing around with reflection and nested classes in this instance, lead to some SO (a propos?) errors for me... So, a better path, maybe? Rather than trying to get/cast the property names, values (types?) from 'context.ActionParameters,` I found it was

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I believe you're looking for this: task stopServer(dependsOn: war, type: Exec) { commandLine "pkill", " -9", "java" } The main difference is very subtle - I just deleted two characters. The << is gone from the task definition. The other difference is that the commandLine expects the executable to be passed in separately from the arguments to it. I removed the << because of an

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Give this a try: Sub marine() For Each r In Intersect(Range("A:A"), ActiveSheet.UsedRange) If r.Value = "Yes" Then msg = msg & vbCrLf & r.Row End If Next r MsgBox "Yes found in rows " & msg End Sub

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