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Reconstructing Layout for Newly Visible Components

You can set your EditText and Button with your desired height/width, then set the attribute,


for each of them. If you'd really like to modify the layout within code, then you can do something like this: (ViewGroup is LinearLayout, RelativeLayout, etc)

[ViewGroup].LayoutParams params = new
[ViewGroup].LayoutParams(width, height);
params.setMargins(left, top, right, bottom);

EditText text = new EditText(context);

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Changing ~280 controls from visible=true to visible=false takes about 8-9 seconds (too long)
The fact is (as was stated in this comment above) that manipulating so many (280) controls is bound to be slow, simply because Windows Forms is not super-fast. Since you haven't said more about the structure and layout of your form(s) I can only give you a couple generic recommendations: If some of the controls that you are manipulating are not actually embedded in form1, then form1.SuspendLayou

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owl-carousel-autoWidth, Avoid blank space in visible area when last item visible
Check this fiddle var owl = $('.owl-carousel').owlCarousel({ margin:10, loop:false, autoWidth:true, nav:true, items:1, onInitialized : function(){ if($('.owl-item').first().hasClass('active')) $('.owl-prev').hide(); else $('.owl-prev').show(); } }) owl.on('changed.owl.carousel',function(e){ if(e.item.index == 0)

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Google Glass Immersion Custom Layout without CardBuilder.Layout.EMBED_INSIDE
You don't need to use the CardBuilder if you prefer to use your own custom layout: make sure to follow our design guidelines to make sure you meet our specs. To use your custom layout, simply inflate a View as you would normally and use in your application. For an Activity, you could something like: @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle bundle) { super.onCreate(bundle); setContentVie

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android.R.* are Android's internal resources. To use your own layouts from res/layout/ skip the android prefix: R.layout.lv_layout Same goes for ids (if you're wondering).

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iOS 7 Auto Layout vs. iOS 8 Adaptive Layout, is there a difference?
Working with autolayout in iOS 7 and iOS 8 is the same. Adaptive layout is really just an umbrella term for all the new layout tools in Xcode 6 and iOS 8-- one of which being Autolayout. Though autolayout isn't new, it's still a part of the adaptive layout toolset, and it's much improved in iOS 8. Other adaptive layout tools include Size Classes and Adaptive Fonts. I recommend reading this Ray Wen

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