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Java error when running Mapreduce program

Hi please correct the command as:

hadoop jar NYSE.jar

You need not use -D option here.

hope this(link) helps

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Java MapReduce program to work on PDF files
The problem is you are using the wrong api(old org.apache.hadoop.mapred.*api) Please use the new API (org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.*) org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.lib.input.FileInputFormat; org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.RecordReader; The SO answer you following using this new API. In new API RecordReader is class not interface UPDATE mapred vs mapreduce API

Categories : Java
Pig 0.13 error only in mapreduce mode
Found the solution. The problem was that I was using maven to build the project and I was building the jar with dependencies. This caused the dependencies that has class names with the same class path to override each other (like for hadoop-hdfs and hadoop-common and the solution was just to build the jar without including dependencies.

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Java kill program if already running
As mentioned in the comments, the command will also kill the new instance. There are ways around it, like creating pid files to ensure only one instance is running. But that probably doesn't matter, because there are better ways to do the same. Please check How to implement a single instance Java application and How to allow running only one instance of a java program

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when running program it has me enter two lines after name? help please
There's no need for cin.ignore(); Simply write it as: Speaker *getSpeaker() { Speaker *theSpeaker; theSpeaker = new Speaker; cout << "Please enter Speakers information" << endl; cout << "name: " ; getline(cin, theSpeaker->name); cout << theSpeaker->name; cout << " phone number: "; cin >> theSpeaker->phoneNumber; cout << " Email Address: "; cin &

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My c program should be running in several threads using openmp but it isn't
I guess there are only two possibilities for the issue. shared_data->sh_rct == 1. In this case, there is nothing to run in parallel. OpenMP runtime was told to limit the number of threads to only one. The later can be caused by: Prior call to omp_set_num_threads(1) OMP_NUM_THREADS environment variable set to 1 Prior call to omp_set_dynamic(1) or OMP_DYNAMIC=TRUE in some cases might cause

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