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Avoid subquery and 2nd group by?

I think you can do this as an aggregation query with a join:

select t1.CountryId, count(distinct
from table1 t1 join
     table2 t2
     on t1.CountryID = t2.CountryID and
t1.CompanyID = t2.CompanyID
where t2.AttributeId = 1
group by t1.CountryId;

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How to write this query (containing group by and join in subquery) in Laravel?
There are so many possibilities. That's one: DB::table('channels') ->join('programs', '', '=', 'programs.channel_id') ->select('', '', DB::raw('count( as num_of_programs')) ->groupBy('', '') ->get(); I hope it works fine for you.

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MySQL aggregate function with GROUP BY to avoid NULL's overwriting desired field value
Just aggregate your results using MAX: SELECT lesson_number, MAX(CASE WHEN dayofweek = 0 THEN lesson_date END) AS 'MONDAY', MAX(CASE WHEN dayofweek = 1 THEN lesson_date END) AS 'TUESDAY', MAX(CASE WHEN dayofweek = 2 THEN lesson_date END) AS 'WEDNESDAY', MAX(CASE WHEN dayofweek = 3 THEN lesson_date END) AS 'THURSDAY', MAX(CASE WHEN dayofweek = 4 THEN lesson_date END) AS 'FR

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How to change subQuery to Co-related Subquery?
I think this is what you're looking for. Just move the query into the FROM section and use a JOIN to filter the results based on the same conditions you had in the WHERE clause, except this time you reference the result set (RS) returned by the subquery. SELECT FirstName, LastName FROM AdventureWorks.Person.Contact a INNER JOIN [AdventureWorks].[HumanResources].[Employee] b ON a.ContactID

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EC2 security group setting for load balancer, auto scaling group
OutofService indicates that your Elastic Load Balancer is either not ready, or the instances are failing their Health Check. If you point to the little "i" information icon, it will explain why an instance is not InService. Within your Elastic Load Balancer, take a look at the Health Check tab and confirm that it is configured correctly. It will either be checking a URL (eg /index.htm) or checkin

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ggplot2 line chart gives "geom_path: Each group consist of only one observation. Do you need to adjust the group aesthetic?"
You get this error because one of your variables is actually a factor variable . Execute str(df) to check this. Then do this double variable change to keep the year numbers instead of transforming into "1,2,3,4" level numbers: df$year <- as.numeric(as.character(df$year)) EDIT: it appears that your data.frame has a variable of class "array" which might cause the pb. Try then: df <- da

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