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My 320px width adsense unit is too small on newer smart phones

With all of the different device screen sizes, now there is a way to set the viewport size on mobile browsers.

<meta name="viewport"

This will scale the 320px width ad unit to fit the full width of the device.

More reading.

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NFC programming without NFC chip in Tablets / Phones?
Yes, this is possible. The ACR 122U download includes an Android SDK. I have published an Android util demonstrating some rudimentary functionality in Google play - ACR 122 USB NFC Reader Utils. I have also other apps for some of the other ACS readers, and a (paid) app aimed at developers doing proof of concept apps.

Categories : Android
Yocto add driver from newer kernel version
First: It's not clear which Yocto version you are using. So you might want to update to the current 1.7 version (Dizzy) which provides Kernel 3.10, 3.14 and 3.17. You can find the kernel configuration in meta/recipes-kernel/linux. Be aware that a BSP or any other layer can also provide other kernel versions/configuration as well as limiting accepted/working version (especially if you use a BSP).

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To control python versions or update to a newer version?
Your question is kind-of unclear, but this is my answer for you. It seems that you want to know whether to turn to a third party app to install a newer version of python, or you want to use apt-get to install it. That question, I feel, is answered by this.

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pod lib lint fails with circular dependency even with newer fixed podspec available
In CocoaPods 0.35, by default pre-releases (ie, 2.0-alpha.1) will be excluded unless you explicitly ask for them. You can use the following to explicitly resolve that version: pod 'Services', '2.0-alpha.1' Or, something like this to get the latest version, pre-release or not: pod 'Services', '> 0.0.0.pre'

Categories : IOS
how can we increase the width of an element when the width value is dynamically changing?
I think this would solve it better (might need the one or other adjustment, just a quick scrape): DEMO setInterval(function(){ grow('id',250) //set your parameters here }, 100); //this is the speed - the lower the quicker var width = 1; function grow(e,s) { document.getElementById('d1').style.width = width+"px"; width++; }; setInterval(function(){ grow('id',500

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