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Ember error while creating dynamic routes

By the looks of it, you want to find the model from the parent route. You can do it likes so:

App.FavoriteRoute =
   model: function(params) {


The problem is that your promise from the parent route isn't getting resolved correctly. You're returning a promise but the result of that promise isn't getting resolved i.e. (return data.favorites) is not resolving the promise.

Update it to:

App.FavoritesRoute =
    model: function() {
      return new Promise(function(resolve, reject)

Also incorporate the initial feedback from this answer. I have a working JSBin going against an actual endpoint to show it works:

P.S. Look out for params.product_id, that comes in as a string. You made need to cast it to the required type in order for the findBy to work correctly.

P.S.S. I should also add, Ember.$.ajax returns a promise, but you want the model to be data.favorites which is the need for the outer promise. If you just returned Ember.$.ajax and accessed everything via model.favorites you wouldn't need it.

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