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FTP Explicit fails on celluar data

I would suggest that traffic "optimization" at your provider causes the problems. Deep packet inspection to "optimize" traffic is very common for cellular networks and is often used to improve the traffic and sometimes also used to block unwanted traffic.

How this relates to your problem: Within cellular networks usually NAT is needed, that is you don't get a public IP address. But, at least the active mode in FTP needs a public IP and thus it is not uncommon to employ helper programs which translate IP and port for the PORT/EPRT commands inside the FTP control connection. These helper programs are not able to work with encrypted connections, which means they either block such connections on purpose or might block them by accident because they don't understand the traffic anymore.

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SQL IDENTITY autoincrement when 0 but still allow explicit inserts
If you tell EF the primary key is database generated then it will not pass the id to the insert sql. You need to pass the ID so go with DatabaseGenerated.None. But you want it to be an IDENTITY, so make it one in a migration script. You could change the CREATETABLE statement, adding identity: true to the column specification, or you can modify the table by running sql using the Sql() method Now

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Angular and Typescript: Is explicit Controller registration necessary?
This code works without registering the controller in the Module and I did not pollute the global scope. No it doesn't. You either have MyController in the global scope window OR you have it registered somewhere with app.controller('MyController'). Updated Based on the update : Since you are using ng-controller="MyAngularApp.MyController Angular is going to look on MyAngularApp.MyControl

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Zero argument function template explicit instantiation does not seem to work
You cannot instantiate a one-parameter template with no arguments. Arguments can sometimes be deduced so you don't need to provide them explicitly, but you still need to provide them. In your case, though, none of the template argument are deducible (since none of them appear as part of function parameter types), so you have to specify all arguments yourself.

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Can dapper handle enums stored as varchar in the database if there's an explicit constructor defined?
Seems to be working OK. Below test is green: public enum MyTestEnum { Foo, Bar } public class MyTestClass { public MyTestEnum MyTestEnum { get; set; } } public class DapperTests { [Test] public void EnumMappingTest() { DbConnection conn = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ConnectionString"]); var result = conn.Query<MyTestClass>("

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VBA PasteSpecial operation fails?
Since you are using Cut, try Insert instead of PasteSpecial. This is synonymous with "Insert Cut Cells" which you see when you are using the Excel interface: trgtWorkSheet.Cells(lPasteRow, lPasteColumn).Insert Also - make sure the cell you are pasting/inserting to is not in the range which is being cut.

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