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Rails 4 - Add existing association in nested resource

If you got a complicated logic like this, it's better to use something like "Form Objects" to save multiple models and relations between them. I.e. move saving logic outside of both models.

access_nested_attributes_for should be used only for very very simple cases (like most of Rails's magical features)

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Rails Nested association lead to a nil object
Since Gardenis a has_many, it should really be setup like has_many :gardens Edit: Also garden_customer is setup as a has_onerelationships, so there is only 1 garden_customer per garden and so garden.garden_customer.all is wrong. garden.garden_customer itself would directly give you the associated garden_customer provided it was setup during creation.

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Rails Association: Teacher Student Classes
Class is not a good name, ClassRoom is better class ClassRoom < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :teacher belongs_to :student # if I have well understand, this is the right association #some validations rules validates :<fieldname>, :<rule> => <value>, ... #callback like :before_save or :after_save, .... end class Teacher < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :stude

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Rails: retrieve data from multiple tables without association
A very simple approach is to add a method in your Trip model that returns all the trip's parts. Something like this: def parts (flights + lodgings + rentals + activities).to_a end and then in your view iterate over this parts array: do |part| # your code here end UPDATE: In that case, you can create a hash that has all the information you want for every part: def par

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Rails form_tag nested with nested resources
I think, team_plan_charges_path([@team, plan]) should be something like team_plan_charges_path([@team, @plan, @charges]) where @plan and @charges should be in your charges controller, like @plan = @charges = assuming you have a has_many association between Team and Plan and Plan and Charge. I am also assuming that plan is not some method in your helpers and

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Nested resource parameters not being set properly in form_for
No route matches {:action=>"show", :controller=>"items", :item_id=>"141", :matter_id=>"3"} missing required keys: [:id] your request is going to ItemsController instead of CommentItemsController see :controller => "items"

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