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XSL repeating the same value but counting the correct number of different values

I am guessing you want to change:




or just simply to:

<xsl:value-of select="NAME"/>

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Counting number of times a group of string have occurred and print the string and number of occurrence in python 2.7
file = open('test.txt') fileLines =' ') list = [] for line in fileLines : for tup in list: if tup[0] == line: list[list.index(tup)][1] = list[list.index(tup)][1] + 1 break else: list.append([line, 1]) for s in list: print(s[0] + ' ' + str(s[1])) This should read the lines in the file. If the line does not exist in l

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Number of repeating customers in SQL Server
try this: For numbers of the customers who used more than one payment type. select COUNT(PaymentType) CountOfCust,PaymentType,CustNum from Customers Having COUNT(PaymentType)>1 GRPUP BY PaymentType,CustNum

Categories : SQL
SQL - counting number of logins per day, per user
You have to use a GROUP BY query, with a COUNT(*) aggregated function. Since Date_Used is a DATETIME column, it can contain the DATE part but also the TIME part, so you have to extract just the DATE part using DATE() function: SELECT DATE(Date_Used), Name AS licenseNames, COUNT(*) AS logins FROM B INNER JOIN A ON A.License_Key = B.License_Key GROUP BY DATE(Date_Used), Name ORDER BY

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Grouping with no repeating values in multiple columns
Here's one idea - but I'm not certain that (my)sql is the best tool for combinatorial problems... DROP TABLE IF EXISTS my_table; CREATE TABLE my_table (id1 INT NOT NULL,id2 CHAR(3) NOT NULL,PRIMARY KEY(id1,id2)); INSERT INTO my_table VALUES (100 ,'AAA'), (100 ,'BBB'), (200 ,'AAA'), (200 ,'BBB'), (300 ,'AAA'), (300 ,'BBB'), (300 ,'CCC'), (400 ,'BBB'); SELECT * FROM my_table x

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How to compare all values in an object without repeating if statements?
To answer the first part of the question (about comparing every combination): There isn't really a good way to do that, other than write a bunch of if statements. Of course; you probably shouldn't be doing that anyways :) You could probably use reflection and recursion, but thats going to get messy really fast. Luckily, to just get the percentage occurrence of each flag, you can just do: list.

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