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CSS table display not filling table

Are you sure you need the table table-row table-cell format?

As far as I tested, table-row doesn't respond to widths. When the tr is removed and used as a normal element, the whole thing works again.

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Try changing final String SELECT_QUERY = "SELECT HOLIDAYS FROM HOLIDAY"; to final String SELECT_QUERY = "SELECT * FROM HOLIDAY"; since the table has only one column.

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Filling an HTML Table with Data from MySQL using PHP
You need to use mysql_fetch_assoc() instead of mysql_fetch_row() to get this code working. As mysql_fetch_row() fetches row as an array with numeric keys e.g. 0,1, 2,.... And mysql_fetch_assoc() fetches row as an array and its elements with associative keys e.g 'abc', 'xyz', ... And in your code, you are expecting array and its elements with associative keys. Hence, second option will work for

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try print_r($file_data) and see what comes back, you can also try: $file_data['orig_name'] Or: $file_name = $file_data['file_name']; $new_staff = array( 'agenda_id' => $this->input->post('agenda_id'), 't_name' => $this->input->post('t_name'), 'exp' => $this->input->post('exp'), 'leaves_allow_monthly' => $this->input->post('leav

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how to display html table in android(not vebview)?
In Your Xml parser class create method. public String stripHtml(String html) { html = html.replaceAll("<(.*?)\>", " ");// Removes all items in // brackets html = html.replaceAll("<(.*?)\ ", " ");// Must be undeneath html = html.replaceFirst("(.*?)\>", " ");// Removes any connected item

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How to display alert value inside nested table td
Hope this works: $('#TableID').append('<tr><td>' + msg+ '</td></tr>'); or $('<tr>').append('<td>' + msg+ '</td>');

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