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HTML Link not working with my quotations

If the comments haven't answered your question yet, yes you need to use a slightly different quotation mark. HTML only accepts the single typewriter (non-curly) quotation mark ' ' or the double one " ". Or, in your case, you can choose not to use quotes at all, unless the value contains a space or equal sign.

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Ruby array [ ] how can I get rid of quotations on the browser
You error is here <%= f_array = ['a','b','c'] %> The statement <%= represents a print statement. Change it to <% f_array = ['a','b','c'] %> and the line will not be printed. ["a", "b", "c"] is the result of the inspection of an array. 2.1.5 :003 > puts ['a','b','c'].inspect ["a", "b", "c"] For what it is worth, the code has another issue. Your view should not contain ass

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Entering excel formula with quotations in a loop using VBA
You should not be putting the Cells inside the formula string, and you should be using the Address property: formulaString = "=BDH(" & Cells(i,3).Address(False, False) & ",""PX LAST""," & Cells(i,6).Address(False, False) & ","""",""Dir=H"",""days=w"",""DTS=H"",""cols=1;rows=1"")" However what you actually want is switching to the R1C1 notation: formulaStringR1C1 = "=BDH(RC3,""P

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jQuery - How Do I Surround Ajax Loaded Elements in Quotations?
Just use css: div.slides::before, div.slides::after { content: '"'; } As for "why didn't it work" I'd suspect that might depend on what $(this) is, within the quotations() function.

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mvn install command working on mac terminal but not working from eclipse maven plugin
Navigate to project->java build path->libraries->select "JRE System Library", click Edit and select "Workspace default JRE". edit: Also try Execution Environment -> Compatible JREs & set correct JRE. (Or) Edit the eclipse.ini file to point to your jdk home, something as follows - -vm /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.7.0_51.jdk/Contents/Home

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My css3 animation in google is working but its is not working on firefox
Add vendor prefixes @-webkit-keyframes moveobject { 0% {top: 0px; background: red; width: 100px;} 100% {top: 200px; background: yellow; width: 300px;} } @-moz-keyframes moveobject { 0% {top: 0px; background: red; width: 100px;} 100% {top: 200px; background: yellow; width: 300px;} } @keyframes moveobject { 0% {top: 0px; background: red; width: 100px;} 100% {top: 200

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