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JSON not parsed in rails post

A common practice while building REST api's is to send the params as plain http attributes. For a post request they can be encoded within the message body (application/x-www-form-urlencoded).

This is best explained by the following curl command:

curl --data

What you've done, however is this:

curl --data

The correct request for json payload woul be:

curl --header "CONTENT_TYPE:
application/json" --data

Personally i prefer the first option, however this is up to the api designer.

In order to convert json payload into a params hash in rails, you can set the Content-Type" header of your request to "application/json"

In order to use the first option within a rspec controller test you do:

 post :create, user: user.attributes

For the second option, perform:

 post :create, user.to_json,
"CONTENT_TYPE" => 'application/json'

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