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Using a rails helper in haml, passing a hash causes syntax error

I think you just need to replace the curly brackets with the regular ones in your helper, try this:
= nav_big( profile: @user, art: root_url, stories: root_url, universes: root_url, elements: root_url )
if you prefer the curly brackets then you should use this format
= nav_big { :profile => @user, :art => root_url, :stories => root_url, :universes => root_url, :elements => root_url }

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So I found the solution: First, I've changed my filter in admin/account.rb from filter :by_active_projects_eq to filter :by_active_projects_in, :as => :string This approach resulted in correct SQL generation, "accounts"."id" IN ('e4d247ec-e64d-4e8a-996a-4d73ccb11257', 'bcb8fa61-4a53-4b45-8954-8fb6ae328365', '93d670b6-7b8f-4c27-91cc-e0f44c137114') After that I also had to cha

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Replace Class WorkoutsController < ApplicationController with class WorkoutsController < ApplicationController Same for your model. class keyword should be used in lower register. I assume you misprinted it, thats why parser sees extra end keyword

Categories : Ruby On Rails
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Try using deep_merge!: def add_meta_tag_options(opt) meta_options.deep_merge!(opt) end

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Refer to Views: Customizing a View's Element for general view customisation. You can use classNameBindings in much of the same sort as you are using in bind-attr above. In view: export default Ember.TextField.extend({ classNameBindings: ['showmsg:alert-msg'], showmsg: true }); If you want to do something such as dynamic classes, you can pass values to your view through, for example,

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